Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easy Sunday...

Started off with clouds today, but the sun came out, and did it ever heat up... 75 deg. F. was the final count on a beautiful day! Love it.

This morning Judy and I were up and gone to Church Services, which is just a couple block away from us.

Judy did a bunch of laundry this afternoon, and RV clean up, while I made the short trip over to Walmart and picked up a load of food to last the week...maybe. I am still a bit amazed at the prices... I thought what I bought today would be $150.00 or better at home, while it cost $98.00 here. Go figure!

Watched the Argo's beat Montreal this afternoon for the CFL East Division Championship! Way to go. Next Sunday they will play for the Grey Cup on their home field in Toronto! Opposition will be B.C. or Calgary!

Believe it or not! People started to line up at the Best Buy Store YESTERDAY in Tampa! Wow... that is a long time to line up for Black Friday later this week!



The deals... you can get a 52 inch Flat Screen TV for $479.00! Walmart right beside us if offering a 15.6 inch Compaq Presario Laptop, with 2 Gig of Ram for $179.00! Not a bad deal! Seems there will be lots of deals to be had! Walmart has put out a 47 page Flyer for Black Friday already! Time to get caught up in all the hype... spend....spend....spend!

Judy found a large nonstick Griddle at Walmart for $9.44!!! What a deal. Or, how about a Garmen Auto GPS for $69.00! Or if you really want that new iPad... Best Buy is offering a 32 Gig iPad 4, WiFi for $499.00.

Here is more... how about a 50 inch flat screen Emmerson TV for $298.00 at Walmart! This is crazy people! (Can I get a 50 inch set through the RV Door???)

That't it! I am off! I'm going to line up! There has to be something I need!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What kind of crazy people lineup days before a sale? Pretty good deals though!

  2. Agree with Rick. I so value my time that I just can't seem to even consider standing in a line up for two minutes, let alone days before an event. But, to each his own!!!