Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We hit the "WOW" factor today!

The first WOW today was our weather. Just perfect, 75 deg. F. and sunny! The way I like it!

We spent the morning doing some RV stuff, and Judy made a nice lemon pie for a dinner we are going to tonight!

I am really enjoying having my 750 Honda Shadow with us this year, and this morning I got to shine and polish, and wax it all up... only took me about 2 hours after all the guys in the park walk by and talk to me about it for a while... great park, very friendly, nice to see all the guys out! I enjoyed every minute of it!

This afternoon we decided we needed some exercise, so I suggested loading up to bicycles again, and heading out for some trails. Yesterday, we stopped at the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce, and picked up info on some trails. We hit the jackpot today on the first one!

We went to a Conservation Area Called Circle B Bar Reserve! What an amazing place to visit, and for FREE! (Our favourite price!) This place is full of multi use trails, so you can bike or walk. It is right on Lake Hancock, and is full of wildlife!

They have some paved trails, and some good dirt packed trails here. This is a wet type of everglade area as well... check out the blue skies above Judy!

Lots of real good wildlife shots around here, every time you stop somewhere...

All of these pictures were taken with my LG Smart Phone... nice and handy!


Lake Hancock is really nice, and the day was better! Judy wanted to go down this one trail we came across on the bikes, so I said "OK, sounds good..."

THEN WE HIT THE "WOW" FACTOR.... what was that over there in the bush just off the trail????

OOOHHHHHHHH..... that would be a 14 foot Gator and his mate! Out enjoying the sun! Very quickly I started looking for somewhere to change my pants! YIKES, they sure don't have these out in Desert Hot Springs! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The smaller one actually got up and started walking towards us, but was headed for the water, and settled down again... THANKFULLY! We were both impressed, but I guess the reality of it is... they are here a lot, and there are a lot more of them around here! Sure fun to see though! Bet we could make a real neat wallet out of that hide! I was laughing a bit, as just today Rene had asked in a comment on yesterday's blog if we had run into any Gator's yet! YES... WE HAVE!!!!!

Having had our excitement for the day... we headed home. Tonight we have a big Turkey Dinner over at the Church! Tomorrow is "Thanksgiving Day" with yet another Turkey Dinner! Gobble Gobble......

Till tomorrow...



  1. Not one but two gators...that is a WOW factor.

    You two sure hit the jackpot with your location. Keep on keeping on!

  2. we have them here too..gators that is..but I'm not anxious to meet them lol looks like you had a great day

  3. That is a great treat to run into two gators on your bike ride, they must be used to seeing people around the trails.
    Gotta love this great weather.

  4. Nothing draws a crowd in an RV Park like one guy waxing his rig or vehicle!

    Unless, it's two unwary Canadians out and about in Gator Country! Double-Wow!

  5. Well, it did not take very long before you got to see them big 'corckagators'. LOL

    Now, you will have to research and report on whether it is true that they do not like human flesh.