Friday, November 23, 2012

Caught up in BLACK FRIDAY madness!

Whew... what a busy day today was, and was it every nice out...AGAIN! The weather has been second to none, and is great for walking, hiking, motorcycles, you name it! We are loving it!

But first! BREAKING NEWS from our out of Country Reporter up in Woodstock, Ontario! This is very early footage of Gwenny taking that elusive first step! After this video, she walked 7 steps across the living room!


Kristina and Chris are sure in for it now! Watch out, she is on the go!

Well, we survived Grey Thursday, and now Black Friday down here. Judy went over to Walmart last night with Carol and reported total madness over there. Money was flying all over the place! They left!

Today Judy and I decided to head down to Kmart, just up the road from us, first thing, at around 10:30... There were still quite a few people, and I got all wired up in the madness and bought a nice new iLive Tower Stereo System for home entertainment!


It was regularly priced at $100.00 and was on for $80.00. Maybe not a super great Black Friday deal, but something I have wanted for a while! It will dock our iPod, play our iPad, TV, etc... It is 2.1 surround sound, with a sub-woofer! Argggg...Argggg... Well, at least I passed up the opportunity to pick up this great HOT DOG toaster for $20.00! (I have never seen one of these things before...yikes)

After lunch, it was so nice out, we decided to take the motorcycles out, and drive back to the Circle B Bar Ranch that we were at on Wednesday... this is an amazing place that we just love to go to now. We decided to walk today for the exercise, and besides, I had my big camera out to get some wildlife shots! Check them out...







Ya, we saw at least 10 Gators out in the swamp today!




As you can tell, this is a target rich area for people with cameras. There were lots of people out and about today, as it is a holiday here.

Many thanks to Blogger Buddy Rick out in B.C. who recommended the App called "Photo Transfer" availible on the App Store for $2.99. It takes the pain out of moving pictures back and forth between your iPad/iPhone and you Windows PC. (goodbye iTunes...)

For anyone reading that has an should keep an eye on Ricks blog at as Rick just bought a new iPad 4 and loves to report on all techie stuff, and will soon be spinning circles around everyone with his new iPad. Thanks Rick!

Till tomorrow...



  1. and Gwenny is on the move :) wow shes the toaster too...I have ipad and macbook and my transfers are automatic..thankfully because I am not tecky at all...have a super weekend

  2. How could you have passed up that wonderful hot dog toaster - and for a mere $20? Doesn't everyone need one? hahahaha...

    Good to see Gwenny on the move. No stopping her now.

  3. Wow, I remember those days. Gwenny has a new found freedom that will change everything. Fun times ahead.

  4. Your 'Out of Country' reporter has definitely done a good job with her scoop on Gwenny starting to walk. I can just see Gwenny at Christmas going after the ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

    You are definitely in bird and gator country down there.

    Glad you liked the Photo App and thanks for the comments - I love to help others to spend their money on tech toys!

  5. Rick getting an iPad is an early Christmas present to all us iPad owners. We now have our own private Genius without having to go to the mall.

  6. So much interesting wildlife to photograph down here always a fun outing, nice pics.

  7. Yay Gwenny! She'll be running around in no time!

    I always love wildlife shots. I can't wait to see gators! I saw one in Orlando, Florida but it was just quickly getting across the road and was gone before I could even get my camera out. =[