Monday, November 5, 2012

Myrtle Beach Tour...

I wanted to come over to Myrtle Beach because simply, I have never been here before, and it also gave us a nice couple days break driving down to Florida. We are maybe a 2 day drive from Winterhaven at this point. Remember, we don't drive too far in a day with all these wheels!


Check out these pictures I took today downtown Myrtle Beach. We are only a 10 minute drive south of here. I simply could not believe all the Hotel Chains that are here... and right now... they are all EMPTY! It appears, we are now in the "off season" here now... and where ever we went today, there was a lack of people!

They certainly have a wonderful sandy beach right on the Atlantic Ocean here... great to walk on.

They have a few of these fishing piers along the Ocean, and lots of people come down to go fishing... seems they all want to catch Flounder!

You can tell in the pictures above, there is very little auto traffic even... a nice sleepy Town right now! So, as you sit there, enjoying this blog, have you wondered... "how the heck did he get those aerial photographs... perhaps he went up in a helicopter!"


Nope, no helicopters... just a Sky Ride! By far, the biggest Ferris Wheel that Judy and I have ever been on... it is a landmark here at Myrtle Beach! It cost $11.00 each, and we made 4 revolutions on the big wheel! It was a blast!

Here I am above loading into our personal gondola for the ride on the big wheel, when you buy your ticket, the Lady in the booth says "enjoy your flight!"

OK, time for some down to earth shots of the beach... yes, check out the sky today! It was only in the mid 60's F. but a lovely day...


Augh... there is that big wheel thing again... they have a great boardwalk, between the Hotels and the Ocean that you get to walk along... again, not too many people out today.



They have lots of flowers still growing down here... not cold enough even for frost at night here...

This morning, before we headed downtown Myrtle Beach, we drove south to the small Village of Marsh Walk. It is a neat little Tourist Spot... all about fishing. You come here to go deep sea fishing, as all the Charter Boats run out of here.

They have a Boardwalk here also to walk, so Judy and I got our exercise in today for sure... to the point where Judy got a small blister, as she was using sandals that had been put away for a while.

Yes, a few Pelicans out here...

At first look, I thought Rick form B.C. had made it out here, (kind of looks like him, in disguise as a Pirate) but I could not see Paulette anywhere... this guy was made out of wood.

Judy caught the big one...

Well, it does not look good for the weather here tomorrow... rain in the forecast again, so I think we will probably hook up all the toys, and head south!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We're looking for a campground for next year. Would you mind if I asked where in WinterHaven you are staying and your thoughts on it? Thanks.

  2. You read my mind. The paragraph before you told us about the Sky Ride, I said to the heck did they get these photos. If you didn't tell us, you can bet I was going to ask. How clever you two are.
    Looks like you had a couple of awesome days. So glad Sandy did not damage that boardwalk.

  3. Great tour. I've always heard about Myrtle Beach and have never been there. No people is a definite plus. There is no way on the face of this earth that you would get me on that ferris wheel. Never, no how, no way!!!

  4. Nice blog tour of Myrtle Beach. Thanks for that. Another place to add to the bucket travel list.

    Rick D. in Myrtle Beach. Hey, anything is possible. He did look a bit wooden to me too!

  5. How does the Sky Ride in Myrtle Beach compare to the Ferris Wheel in Niagara Falls. Did that one with the grandsons a few times.

    Hope you checked Rick's pocket to see if he was carrying his Smart Phone. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. great tour of Myrtle Beach! and the ferris wheel ride too, what a day you both had!

  7. Nice pics of Myrtle Beach brings back memories of when we were there a few years ago. Also have our pictures by the big fish and pirate when we stopped at Marsh Walk for a cold beverage. Looks like a fun day.

  8. After looking at all your photos, I have to say I wish I was in Myrtle Beach - even as a wooden pirate.

    I guess being a Pirate is better than being that dead fish hanging next to Judy!

    That is one big ferris wheel.