Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yes, they let us back in...

Whew, what a busy day today was... lots was accomplished! First we got up at Shawn and Jenn's place around 8:00 in time for breakfast with the kids! It seems in Ottawa the Switch Witch comes and takes a bunch on un-needed Halloween Candy, and trades it in for a new toy! Perfect! Both Emmie and Paige were pleased with the new toy they each received, and still have a small bucket of candy! Perfect!


We got Emmie onto her bus for school, and then said goodbye to everyone else and hit the road back to Mallorytown, to pick up our Motorhome.

Made it there by 10:30, and said goodbye's to Uncle Art and Sue. Headed off to Interstate 81 Border Crossing!

Had a Border Officer that asked a few questions today, and was more concerned about what we bought at the Duty Free shop than anything else, however we were soon on our way into New York State... in the rain of course!


We rode a few hours this afternoon, and soon hit our destination, Cortland, New York. Still raining, but mild, and we are staying at the Country Music RV Park, however I have not heard any Country Music yet! No one else is here from what we can see, and they only charged us $11.00 Passport America Rate, so all is good! We have to use on our onboard water, as their system is turned off for the winter.

We no sooner got set up, and we left for downtown Cortland, to visit the Verizon Store.

They are open to 9:00 each evening, so made it in lots of time! We wanted to see if we could get our iPad set up on the 4G LTE network while we are south of the Border. We met Amanada, who did an excellent job, taking care of a couple of Canucks, and in 1/2 an hour we walked out all hooked up and running! Thanks Amanada! We got a monthly plan, no contract, for 8 Gig of Internet for $60.00 a month! Perfect, and blazing fast! The blog will live this winter!

Next of course we were off to Walmart, just up the road a bit!

Judy bought a new Trac Phone to use while in the U.S. of A. Good deal, with a new phone, and 240 minutes of airtime for $81.00. Picked up a real nice pizza for dinner as well.

Did not take any pictures today, simply too busy and driving. We will plan a route tonight, so tomorrow will see where we head from here!

Forgot to mention, that Dr. Shawn left a note on the blog, indicating that he bought the iPad holder I showed a few days ago, from Walmart online, at

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hi guys we will be on I81 tomorrow as well stopping in Harrisburg PA for an oil change at Speedco, then probably overnight someplace handy. There is a campground in Carlisle that we have used.

  2. Never heard of the Switch Witch. Interesting concept.
    The dog photo is a hoot! Safe travels.

  3. Safe journey you two. At least the frankenstorm is now passed and you're free to cruise the roads unhindered!

  4. Safe travels, glad you are getting everything up and running.

  5. Sure is nice to have an easy border crossing. Glad you got your Ipad connected and tracphone taken care of too. Travel safe and enjoy the journey.

  6. I never heard of the Switch Witch either - not a bad trick!

    Be careful with that blazing fast 4G speed as you can now rip through your 8GB limit ten times as fast. It can be a bit of a catch 22 if you decide to start surfing the net just because it's fun and you can!