Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grey Cup Sunday...Yeah!

What a beautiful Sunday for the Grey Cup! 75 Deg. F. and sunny...well, at least here in Florida! Toronto is quite different where the game will actually be it is snowing... not to worry though....

Not to worry, because the roof on the dome will be closed for the game! Toronto Argo's vs. the Calgary Stampeders! Should be a great game, and the winner will take away the...

GREY CUP... this is the 100th Year!

Not much going on here today... we went out for a walk this afternoon on a beautiful day... we have a nice residential area right behind our park to walk in... also has a golf course...


The street we walk on, even has it's own water fountain! Go figures! Nice area!

We even found one of the big local Cranes taking it easy today on Grey Cup Sunday!


First time I have seen one of these guys lying down on the job...

Anyways... "GO ARGO'S"!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I have never heard of the Grey Cup Sunday. Hope your Argo's win.

  2. I guess I should be watching the Grey cup game however I'm watching the Packers and Giants of the NFL.

  3. never heard of the Grey Cup? Argos or Stampeders, may the best team win! BC Lions playing so there is a lot of channel flicking going on at our house!

  4. We used to go to a lot of Grey Cup parties, way back when, but that was back in Ontario, now here its just not the same without the party.

  5. Well, the Grey Cup did not present the close game the sports pundits predicted. It was a wash! Way to go Argos!! Calgary failed to show up! It was the most unexciting Grey Cup in years.