Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day off...

When we received a 3 day pass from Universal Studios up in Orlando, right away we decided that we would take today off, and go back to the 2nd park tomorrow... As we get older, you slow down a bit you know... and it is a long day in these parks.

So, today we took life easy... the most important thing (maybe...) that I did this morning, was to walk over to the gas station at our local Walmart, which is right beside us, and purchase a Power Ball Ticket!

Yes, I got caught up in all the "Hype" down here, as the prize tonight if you have not heard is $500,000,000.00! Can you dig it???? That is a lot of Diesel Fuel to put in the RV, that is for sure!

With Power Ball though, you have to know, that the prize is paid to you in 30 Annual Installment... so you have to wait for your money. However, you can take a one time payout of about $250,000,000.00! Not too shabby! However if you are a Non-Resident Alien, like Judy and I are, we will be deducted 30% of our winnings right off the top by the IRS. If we were Florida Residents, it would only be 25%...sigh...

One nice thing though... the money raised in Florida on the Power Ball Tickets, is spent on Education! That is why there are so many smart people down here!

Oh ya, in case you are wondering, it cost $2.00 to buy a Power Ball Ticket, and $1.00 to also play the Power Play Portion of the Ticket! My fingers are crossed!

This afternoon I did an oil change on Judy's Burgman, and had to tighen up some loose bolts! She had noticed a small wobble in the steering lately, and turns out the handle bars and become a bit loose, so fixed that for Her in a hurry! All is good again!


Judy found this little Geco this morning, enjoying all the Florida sun on the edge of my lawn chair! He sat there apparently for quite a while this morning enjoying life! These guys are really friendly and apparently eat ants, so that is good around here!

On a sad not tonight, we note that there was a major fire up just north of Barrie, Ontario, at the Hitch House. This is probably one of the largest RV Dealers in Ontario. Judy and I have visited this dealership many times, and had our RV serviced there. Apparently a fire started inside an RV that was inside the Showroom of the Dealership. The Showroom is huge, and can hold up to 8 RV's. The whole building, including the Service Department was lost! They had many RV's here, valued at well over $500,000.00 each!


The good news, was that the Company had a fire escape plan, and all 35 employees got out with no injuries. No one tried to play hero either and try to save any RV's, which is probably good! As you can see, it was quite a fire.

So, we are off to Day 2 at Universal Studios tomorrow! Should be fun!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I don't think you two are going to win...we bought the winning ticket here in Texas. So sorry to bring you this sad news...hehe

  2. No No No. The winning ticket is sitting right here beside me in AZ.

  3. I think I have the winning ticket. But hey, we might all have the same number. I'm willing to share.

  4. No matter who wins its a lot of money good luck! And enjoy the great weather.

  5. That was quite a fire, glad no one was hurt - except for some nice RV's.

    You have Powerball tickets? Remember, I've always spoken well of thee!!