Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Big Decision....

Yes, the big decision will be made today, and that is who will lead the U.S.A. for the next 4 years. As Judyu and I drove from Myrtle Beach today, south to Georgia, we could see people lining up a various polling stations to cast there ballet.


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It should be very interesting to see who will win the horse race... I think anything can happen on this one! Of course the challenger is Mitt Romney, trying to overtake Obama... it will be tight! One thing is for sure... you will be able to find coverage on Network TV tonight!

It was cool and overcast up in Myrtle Beach this morning, and I was stirred from my deep sleep at 6:30 by some American Fly Boy, taking off just north of Myrtle Beach. It was so loud it shook my bed! With an early wake up, we were on the road at 8:15.

It was overcast and raining this morning, but things really picked up this afternoon, and it turned out quite nice...

We were off the road early at around 2:30 this afternoon at the Golden Isles RV Park, Brunswick, Georgia. Very mild and we went for a walk and enjoyed refreshments outside this afternoon...

There is a restaurant here as well in the front Office...

Nice pool here, but it was all locked up...

Did not take long to set up this afternoon, and here I am setting up our Shaw Direct Dish, so we can watch the election coverage tonight!

We went for a walk, and Judy found a new friend, but Patra sure was not impressed! This little kitten was really friendly, but did have a home!

Tomorrow morning, we will fire up all the machines, get all the tires rolling, and should be able to hit Winterhaven, Florida! The weather forecast there is simply excellent!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Enjoy and fun, yep its nice here in Florida, travel safe.

  2. Paul over at R Sanity RV Adventures said the sound you heard this morning is "the sound of Freedom."

  3. Glad this election is finely over. So tired of all the negativeness that has emerged! As the saying goes...The best man will win...I guess.
    Have a safe trip down the road my friend.

  4. We were driving back to Casper from northern Utah last night so we listened to the results through spotty radio signals... a memory I will probably keep forever!
    I did a double-take at first, thought that cat was a small wild animal!