Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to hit the road!

This morning brought warm temperatures, sunny sky, simply perfect again. We decided it was time to off load the motorcycles and rip up some of this country!

No, I did not ride Judy's bike today as you see me on it above, I was simply off loading it from our trailer when she hit the button! Check out the nice sunshine!

We ended up doing a 110 Klm. ride in the form of a loop all south of Winter Haven. All that we passed along the way were fruit orchards! Oranges, oranges, oranges... and the odd lemon! It was amazing. Start drinking more orange juice people! There are lots of oranges here!

Check out this shot above of the back of my head! No, not really, but you see the lake in the background, as there are a lot of them dotted around this area. Makes for a nice ride! We stayed on all backroads today, and thankfully we brought along the iPad, as the GPS function along with the Maps Program, work fantastic while touring areas you do not know.

This afternoon after we returned from our ride and enjoyed lunch, I broke out the hose and the bucket and the brush, as we had one really dirty Endura! It was a great afternoon to wash it up... nice and warm, and some clouds came by to give me the shade I needed to get this job done. I had lots of people come by and chat, hoping to be supervisor of this job! It is a very friendly Park!

Early this morning, Judy headed down to the pool for a swim, and met up with a couple friends!


I am not sure what kind of cranes these are, but I am sure someone in Blogville will know! Please advise!

They just brought in new Park Managers here, so tonight they had a welcome Pot Luck Dinner for them. I will not have to eat for a week, it was great! They have a nice Rec Hall here, and hold Bingo and stuff on a regular basis of course.

Overall just another fantastic day!

By the way, you are sitting at home and have the cheque all filled out to send us and you just don't know what our address is! Well here it is, so mail the cheque!

Cypress Gardens RV Park,

C/O John and Judy Hollinger, Site 16,

7400 Cypress Gardens Blvd.

Winter Haven, U.S.A.


Till tomorrow...



  1. nice day for a ride! blogville is filled with all different kinds of weather today from snow to sunshine!!

  2. Gotta love the weather here today absolutely perfect. Those be Sandhill Cranes we have 4 here in our park.

  3. Looks like you two are already settled in and ready to enjoy the winter months.
    Isn't it always that way...more supervisors than workers...hahaha

  4. Florida sandhill cranes...Love them...According to Judy, of Travels with Emma, they don't migrate.

  5. Oh, that motorcycle ride sounds dee-lish!!! I think we need to get down there and meet up for a few rides; sigh!

  6. Great to get the bikes rolling in some new countryside. It sure is a nice way to explore, isn't it?

    OK, I've decided to send you a cheque from the Bank of The Fraser River. Due to tidal flow, it may not be legible by the time you receive it!

  7. My cheque's in the mail, John, but I think I forgot to put postage on it - sorry!

    Sure is nice seeing those blue skies and warm weather.