Thursday, November 29, 2012

Universal Studio's Part Deux...

Just another great day in Florida, about 80 deg. F and nothing but sun today. We were out the door by 8:15 this morning, making the 35 minute drive up to Universal Studio's in Orlando.


We entered the "New Park" today, known as the "Island of Adventure". It is all about Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, The Lost Continent, all of Marvel's Super Heros, and of course, a big one, Jurassic Park! Below is the entrance to the Island of Adventure... yes, nice blue skies!


One of the Big Attractions as you enter the Park is Spiderman. We just recently saw the new Spiderman Movie with Shawn and Jenn back in Ottawa before we left for Florida. This is one of the BEST 4D adventures you can take! I was so amazed, I ended up going on the adventure twice! You jump from building to building with Spiderman after all the villians of course! What an adventure!
As we left the ride, of course we ran into Spiderman out on the road!

And how do you think he gets around the Park... on a Can Am "Spider" of course! We decided after Spiderman, to go to the far end of the Park and enter the World of Harry Potter! What an amazing display for Harry Potter. I hate to tell you, I have never read one of the books, or seen one of the movies, but I got right into the Harry Potter Ride!

  • Give Universal Studios credit, they built an incredible Castle up on a mountain of rock! Incredible to visit!
It is hard to describe the Castle inside, however there is a lot of neat art work, and half of it comes to life in front of you and starts to talk! Magic!
The Harry Potter ride is as good as Spiderman, or maybe better! You fly along with Harry on his broom watching out for the Dragons! Incredible! There is also a whole villiage they built for the kids to wander through, spending tourist dollars on everything Harry Potter!

Of course the train was there... and apparently, next year the train will connect the two parks and you can ride on it!
We went to a stunt show called "The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad". This show was excellent, about 1/2 hour long. Even though the set looks a little 'busy' below, it was a great show, with lots of fire, magic, romance, and fun!

Dr. Seuss had a very large display in the Park, and one of Judy's favourites! They had a nice ride we were able to take that took you above all...

It is getting close to Christmas, so the Grinch was there... scaring all the kids! Not really...
This building below is a restaurant... part of the Lost Continent.

Below, you are looking at the Hulk Roller Coaster... we decided to ride it, but maybe it was a bit of a mistake!
This is one crazy roller coaster! I have never been on one that accelerated uphill faster than it goes down the hill! You have to ride this to believe it! We were both a bit oooozzzzzyyyyyy after this one... maybe we are getting too old for this?
It is one crazy ride!

Next we went into the water park area of Jurassic Park. OK, now we did not go on this rocket ride in the short video below... I could not believe how fast it went!

We did go on this ride below, and did not get as wet as it looks like you would... it was a blast!
I did watch the Jurassic Park Movies, and know what a Dino looks like!

Overall all, just another great fun day. Back to our normal life now! Phew.... need another day off!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We have never read any of the Harry Potter books either. Glad the ride was great.

    Never, never, never would I ever ride on that coaster. NEVER!

  2. Sound like you had a great time, enjoying all those rides, and the Florida sunshine as well.

  3. Just getting caught up with our blog...oh my goodness, you two have been having some fun. What a deal you got on your park passes and I can see you have put them to good use. That looks like so much fun (I wish Russ liked theme parks!!). Quite a difference between your weather and seeing Gwenny in her cute pink snowsuit! Sure enjoyed all your pictures.

  4. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! What is not to like about your day with Spiderman, Harry Potter and more! Gwenny is patiently waiting for her chance to spend time there with you two.

  5. Looks like you and Judy had fun being kids again. That was one scary looking roller coaster ride.