Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yes, we are back in Florida Sunshine!

What a difference a day can make around here... nothing but sun and warm today, probably hitting up to the high 70's today... just perfect for getting out and about!

That we did, as we wanted to make up for an off weather day yesterday, we headed out looking for a hike today. Found one:

The Tiger Creek Preserve is a Conservation area, and has a nice 2 1/2 mile loop trail that we did this morning, and a longer 7 1/2 mile trail that take you to an Eagle's Nest. We will pack a lunch one day, and head back for that one.

We found this Creek, and just assumed it was Tiger Creek. It had a bunch of small fish swimming in it... maybe the odd Gator????


This was a bit of a mixed trail, as Judy is crossing a bit of a Florida Swamp here on the boardwalk.

It was very quiet back at the creek, and no one else was on the trail...

Above is a typical part of the forest we walked in today...

We finished up this trail, making a note to come back, and headed just up the road a mile or two to another trailhead we wanted to check out... Judy noticed this snake skin sitting on the box that the trail brochure was in! Check it out! Rattle Snake maybe?


Had to get a picture of "Minute Maid Road" sign, which was located right in the middle of a large Orange Grove of course...

We made it back to the RV for lunch, and then decided to take the bicycles out this afternoon for some more exercise. After a quick stop at the Walmart Quick Oil Change Centre to have the Jeep serviced, we headed right downtown Winter Haven as I noticed a bicycle trail down there last week while I was there.

This area has quite a few dedicated bicycle trails which is nice... no cars to fight off. Check out the big guard rails below, to keep Judy on the straight and narrow!

There are a lot of small lakes in this area... this one very close to the Downtown Core.

In the picture below, which is near the Downtown, it sure did not feel like Christmas today, but they have all the decorations up to get you in the Spirit!

They had a lot of art in the big park area Downtown, with Judy really liking this Stone Man.

With American Thanksgiving being on Thursday this week, the local School gives all the Students the full week off! So everything is full, including the park below we biked through. LegoLand was also full!

Legoland used to be called Cypress Gardens. It is just a couple miles up the road from our Park, so a lot of people come and stay here while they go to the Park.
Well, time to rest up after all the exercise today... thankfully our weather is looking much better ahead!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a beautiful trail. Your photos are gorgeous. I think we would do that trail several times.

    An entire week off? As a retired school teacher, I think that is a bit much for Thanksgiving.

  2. Hey you git the sunshine today, we got the overcast, hmm ? Pretty quiet here in the Keys, we have no problem with that. Enjoy your sunshine.

  3. Great pics of that trail, John. It's funny as I was looking at the pic of Judy on the trail, the first thing I thought of was snakes!! They must be in that swamp somewhere.

    That bike path looks pretty safe though.

  4. Right off Minute Maid Road it looks like someone misspelled Hollinger Road!

  5. I gather you have not come across some 'crockagators' in the area yet...while traipsing around on your walks? While in Florida, in the past, locals always stated that they feed the crocks and that there is no reason to worry!

    Nice Legoland photos.