Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey... is this Florida???

Very overcast, only 58 Deg. F. at the highest point today, no this really Florida??? The weather man really messed this one up today, as they were calling for a sunny afternoon here. About lunch time they changed the forecast to all clouds... guess they looked outside!

This afternoon, I took on an inside job that has been bugging me, as it was not nice to go out. I took our shower door assembly apart... yes, again! I did this job about 2 months or so ago, and it was still leaking a bit... just enought to bug you! So today I re-armed myself with new caulk, new silicone, new everything that we picked up at Walmart and attacked again. Hopefully this time it works!

If it dosn't work this time I am going to put in one of these... grrrr....


Judy cooked up a great dinner this afternoon, complete with Chocolate Brownies, Ham, Scallop Potatoes and corn, and invited Wayne and Carol from Nova Scotia over for dinner... Had a great time... no one went home hungry!

Hopefully things pick up tomorrow in the weather department!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Oh that looks like a beautiful shower. I vote just skip the fix an move on to the new shower.

  2. good meal! looks like a nice shower? you think it will fit in the motorhome?

  3. Fixed our couple years ago and still not leaking.
    Afterthree weeks ehre in Florida we have not really ssen a lot of real sunny days, what gives.
    Now hot and sunny in the keys today thou.