Monday, November 12, 2012

So far...I'm loving Florida!!!

Come on... 83 Deg. F. here today and sunny all day! I'm loving it, as the say at Micky D's. This morning Judy decided to head down to the pool, plug in her Pool Exercise CD and do aquatic exercises! Gotta stay in shape! I decided differently... I jumped on my bicycle and went for a ride! It was just so nice... took a couple pictures.

Below is the road leading back onto the Golf Courses behind our RV Park. Yes, the sky was blue! No traffic at all back here, so it is great for the bicycle...

There are quite a number of these smaller lakes dotted around out area.


There is a small community of mobile type Park Model Homes back on this particular course that a lot of Snow Birds flock to I am sure...

I figured out why they call the birds pictured below "Sandhill Cranes"... they simply like sand! Check them out in this sand trap on the golf course!

Meanwhile, back at the RV, we were being taken over by Geco's

Good thing Patra did not get a peek at this guy pictured above... he might have been a good snack!

This afternoon I decided to get the Motor Home all serviced up and ready to make the return trip back to Ontario in the spring. I needed a few hundred dollars of Diesel Fuel, as I had fallen below the 1/2 tank mark, and could no longer start up and exercise our Cummings Diesel Generator. $230.00 at $3.82 per gallon did the job at Racetrack Fuel Centre.

I also needed an oil change, so this morning I jumped on the Honda, and drove around looking for a spot that could handle this job. It took a while, but I figured out on 1st. St. in Winter Haven, there is a place called Super Lube. We figured that the Motor Home would JUST fit, and as you can see below.. it JUST fit!


Kinda looks like it's butt is sticking out... dosn't it? The front air condtioner cleared the top of the door by about 4 inches. Lots of room. There was about 6 inches on either side of the coach to the sides of the door, so you had to have a steady hand on the steering wheel!

These guys were very efficient, doing a full service oil change including greasing the 12 grease points underneath the motorhome. The Manager took care of me, and the rig, and upon inspecting the Transmission Fluid in our Allison Transmission, we decided it was time to change it. It had dis-coloured. The Motorhome has 38,000 miles on it now, and this fluid has not been changed. They were very good at doing this in about 45 minutes!

Imagine this, full service oil change including 12 quarts of oil, and full transmission service, out the door for $173.00! Try doing that back up in Ontario! Good luck!

Spent the rest of the afternoon setting the motorhome back up on the lot, and having a nice visit with Wayne and Carol, our neighbours from Nova Scotia!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Looks like another gorgeous, busy day for you two. So glad you are enjoying your journey.

  2. We loving it too, can;t beat the weather ,the Gechos and Sandhill cranes are everywhere. And sure can't beat the service you can get here for your coach either. We have a place in Benson AZ we usually stop at on the way thru, excellent service and reasonable too.

  3. An oil change of 13 liters and filter alone in Windsor costs me $151.00 after taxes. You got a real bargain. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Looks like it was a tight squeeze for the motorhome in that service bay. Enjoy all that sunshine. Wish we were there.

  5. tight squeeze at the Oil Change Place!..good job on the getting it in there!!

  6. Glad you were able to get all of your maintenance done, always a good feeling to have it behind you.

  7. Your Florida digs are looking better all the time. I don't suppose you miss the desert wind at all.

    Good find on that oil and lube place. I'm assuming you backed out of that spot when your were finished up, right?

  8. Sheesh, I wouldn't mind a little Florida sunshine right now! It's 33 degrees here in Casper, WY!