Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Car, cars, cars...

Weather was very overcast this morning, but still very warm... we have not had to use our heater, or furnace for over a week now, so life is good. I had to wait around this morning, as we had ordered up a propane delivery from "Buddy's Propane" of Winter Haven.

They are allowed to deliver propane directly to RV's here in Florida, as they are in Az. and California. You will not be getting this delivery in Ontario!

So while I was waiting for Buddy to show up, I decided with the overcast sky, it would be a perfect day to wax up the Jeep... it got real dirty coming down here.


This thing was hurting people's eyes it was so shiny this afternoon. Happy Jeep again!

This afternoon, Judy and I took a run out on the motorcycles it was so nice. We decided just to take a run around Downtown Winter Haven. It is not a big area, only about 4 square blocks of Downtown Core, but a nice area overall. They also have a big Park right downtown...

While we were out and about this afternoon, I ran into another car that I thought was really cool... check it out!

This car is used by the Winter Haven Police Department to raise awareness of impaired driving. If you look at the back fender it says, "This ride is about $20.00!" The front fender says, "This ride is about $7,600.00!" Take your pick! This car sure sticks out in the crowd!

Here is the best for last!

Thanks to Dr. Shawn, up in Ottawa, who emailed Emmie's School Picture to us this afternoon. This is her first year of Full Day Kindergarten, and they took Class Pictures! All reports are that Emmie is doing really great in School!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a darling photo of Emmie. She looks so cute.

    Glad someone in the US is having good weather. It has been overcast and cool here in Mission, TX, for two days. Send us some of that sunshine...please!

  2. That's a beautiful photo of Emmie - this will be the first of a growing collection of school portraits!

  3. Glad to see you both are enjoying Florida this year. Looks like a nice area to visit. Like the police car it sure explains the point very clearly. Nice picture of Emmie.

  4. What a beautiful little girl. She has such a cute smile.

  5. Cute picture of Emmie. We sure can't complain of the weather here thats for sure. A few more days here and we are heading a bit north and west.