Friday, November 9, 2012

Technology is taking over!

Back three and a half years ago, when Judy and I decided to go RVing, we wanted to be in touch with people, and that meant we needed internet! We decided to purchase Hughes Net Satellite Internet. It worked very well for us, but was never real good on Skype, and you had limits as to how much you could use in a day. Overall, we were very pleased with the service, used it all the time, and it kept us in touch no matter where we were, as it worked anywhere in North America.



Fast forward 3 1/2 years, and we made the decision to do away with Hughes Net, and now we use our iPad hooked onto the Bell Network while in Canada, and Verizon Wireless while in the U.S.A.


Both of these Companies offer great wireless services, especially if you are using an Apple iPad 3. Why do you ask??? Well, it is called the 4G LTE Network!
One of the major differences for us this winter away, is the quality of our Skype Calls back to Ontario! With this new network, they are incredible! I would have never have thought!

We have all used Skype in the past, and you are probably used to garbled sound... fuzzy pictures, frozen pictures... lousy quality in general. Not any more! Our calls now are clear, fun, and easy to make and use. When a person talks, you hear the words as their lips move! It is like watching them on live Television. Our Verizon Plan gives us 8 Gig of Internet a month for about $60.00. We also use the free WiFi from our Park, so we have LOTS of Internet while in Florida!

It is great as we talk to the Kids and Grand Kids... Technology at it's best, that is for sure!

Simply had a perfect day here in Florida again. Since we got here the weather has been perfect. Mid to high 20's and sunny.

I took it on the chin from my Daughter, for being in pictures and not having my shorts on! Today I broke them out, and it was a perfect day for them! Here I am above playing iPad outside this afternoon enjoying the sun.

One of our neighbours told me about an open air market, just up the road from us that runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We decided to check it out this afternoon. Very similiar to the markets in AZ. I found. A lot of the vendors were not there, as they come on Saturday for all the people, but we walked through anyways.


We went in to check out the Lucky Bargain Store... but we did not get too lucky!

I had a good laugh, as I found one of these old casette recorders, if you remember them... it looks like an antique now, that is for sure, but I had one when I was a teenager, and thought it was the end of the world back then! What would you say if you were a teenager back in the late 60's, and someone handed you an iPad! That would be neat to watch!

I had to go out and buy a new set of wheel covers for the Motorcycle Trailer today... the one wheel was totally exposed to the sun all day long, and I would have had just a big black blob of rubber had we not covered it! $40.00 for a pair of these covers, which are good quality, and made to fit this size tire, at a local RV Dealer.


We have a bit of a breeze here at times, so I anchored the canopy arms into the ground here. This is the first time I have tried this method so will have to see how it works. You need a canapy above you here if you want to sit out... believe me! It is hot! The biggest difference I find so far, between Florida and California, is the humidity.

Many thanks to all the Bloggers who commented and knew what an Ultra Sound Picture looks like, from last nights Blog. We certainly look forward to next spring!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We have noticed the humidity too and my aches are still here, usually gone in Arizona, will see how it goes. Enjoy the weather.

  2. See what you did. I love my Ipad 2 and now I want a three. Actually, an Ipad 20 would be cool. But, I guess we'll have to wait for that. Check out, it'll keep you busy.

  3. Your site looks great.
    You caught me off guard with this statement....Mid to high 20's and sunny. I totally forgot you were using C and not F. I just about passed out....hehe

  4. John if you are planning on being in one spot for a while you might want to protect the tires on the RV as well. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Nice RV spot.

    Humidity? Isn't that kind of like living through an Ontario summer? You should be acclimatized.

    Good idea with covering the trailer tires too.

  6. Sure, now you put the canopy posts down. I think i've hit my head a hundred times on those poles :)

  7. Your weather sounds pretty good to me right now. Nice looking park.

    I'll have to check out the 4G service from verizon as that's our carrier.