Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whoa....Big Time News Tonight...

Can anyone figure out what the pictures below is?


Of course, that would be a peek into the early life of our next Grand! Yes, Gwenny will be getting a new Brother, or Sister... not sure yet, but you can bet Gwenny will be excited!

We have known about this new for a bit of time now, but it can't even be kept out of blog land now...this will be the 4th Grand for Judy and I... how blessed are we?????

The new arrival is due mid May, 2013, so we should be home just in time for all the excitement in the spring!

Judy and I were out the door before 9 this morning on a nice hour long walk around the area... beautiful morning with lots of sun and flowers...

There is one of the biggest Walmart's right next door to our Park, so we walked over and checked it out. No lack of supplies now!


We came across this giant Blue Heron just att he back of our Park this morning, he was looking for some breakfast...

Right behind our Park is 3 Golf Courses... and a bunch of man made lakes and waterways, plus a bunch of really expensive looking houses... nice area!

We met a bunch of people in the Park this morning at the Rec Hall, as it was coffee day. Lots of Americans and Canadians here...

I was washing the Jeep this morning, when a couple walked by and asked to look at the settings of my Shaw Direct Dish. They were from Quebec, with the Husband unable to speak english, and his Wife was "OK" with English as a 2nd language. They have been here 3 days, and could not get the signal on their dish, and were ready to jump overboard! I said, "not to worry, I will come to your site and set you up with my First Strike Meter as soon as I dry my Jeep off!" They were pleased!

I headed over with my equipment, and in about 5 minutes, I had their dish all installed with a strong signal, and lots of French Channels! They were just about jumping up and down, and gave me big hugs, and offered me money for my services... whew... nice people. I explained I could not take their money, as I was pleased to be of help! All is good in TV land here tonight!

Judy did a complete cleaning of the RV inside today with laundry... so busy day over all.

Till tomorrow...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS...what wonderful news. I hope some day we will be blessed with a grandchild. Of course, we want the girls to get married first.

  2. Congrats on the newest grandkid in process! That's exciting news.

  3. Congratulations to you all, what wonderful news. No grand kids for us yet, but no rush. Great job on adjusting the dish, I'm sure they are grateful to have such a handy and nice neighbor!

  4. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your next grandchild. The part that Kathy and I enjoy the most is you get to spoil the grands and then send them home to their parents. Kind of a payback for their behavior in their growing years. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. WOW!! How exciting for you both!! Yup...I can tell, this baby is going to be every bit as cute as little Gwennie! I know...hard to believe!!:o)
    PS We are going to miss you down south this year!! We will have to go to LuLu's in your honour!

  6. Me too - what Paulette said!!

  7. congrats on the new grandchild! I am sure this one will be just as 'blog famous' as the girls are!

  8. Congrats on the newest are truly blessed

  9. Congratulations on another grand. More to spoil in the summer.
    Once you learn a few tricks of setting up you dish, it is so easy and always nice to help out other people.

  10. Wow, another grandchild on the way :-) Bet you can't wait !
    Congratulations to you and the kids !

  11. Awesome news on the little blip on the sonar screen!
    Hey, maybe you can give English lessons?
    Or I suppose it would be "Hingleesh"?

  12. Yea for the next grandchild! How can that not bring a bright smile to your faces.

    Way to go John. Shaw could provide you with a small stipend to assist all of its customers with tech support. How about 'Hollingers RV Satellite Set Up LLP'. Nice RV friendliness.