Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget...

Of course on November 11 we always remember all those who gave everything to gain our freedom! Both the Canada and the U.S. observe the day.

My Father, and many of his Brothers fought overseas during WWII. I know it made a difference in my Father's life, and his way of dealing with what happened, was obvious in his silence that he maintained. He did not like talking about what happened overseas, and perhaps for the better.

This morning, Judy and I attended Services at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Winter Haven. The Service was attended by local Boy Scouts and Vets. At the end of the Service, everyone placed an American Flag out on the lawn in front of the Church.

You can see the flags on the ground in front of the Church above...

I watched the evening news from Toronto tonight, and it was good to see all the people out at the Services in Toronto and Ottawa today. Also looked like they enjoyed good weather also.

Took life easy this afternoon, as Judy gave me a new buzz cut for the winter, and I watched Toronto Argo's demolish Edmonton in CFL playoffs! Go Argo's!

Till tomorrow...


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  1. Nice tradition there at the church. Good to see so many people from both of our countries honoring their veterans.