Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Medical Day...

We finally had a break in our hot weather...bonus! Today was overcast, and actually ended up raining for a good part of the day... we needed it! Big drop in the temperature was a bit of a blessing, as it has been so hot over the past week.

We had afternoon appointments in London, at our Cardiologist Office. First time we have gone there, as we both were just recently referred by our new Family Dr. We both had to have the fancy ultra sounds done. We will go back next week and discuss results, and a stress test for me! I go for annual cardiac assessment since I had a bypass operation 7 years ago.

Both our Family Dr., and our Cardiologist have their Offices in this fancy dancy building above, on Springbank Drive, in London, Ontario. Is it ever nice inside, all made of marble! It is nice though, to have all our Dr.'s in the same spot!

After we finished at the Dr.'s Office, we flew over to Brantford, which is about 40 klms. east of Woodstock. Our good Friend, Pat from Orillia, recently lost her Brother Peter, and we joined in on the Celebration of Peter's Life this afternoon. He was a very avid golfer, so the Celebration was held at the 130 year old Brantford Golf and Country Club... very historic, and located right on the Grand River.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Always nice to meet your new doctors....hope all your testing provides great results..sorry to hear of the loss of your friends brother...have a great weekend

  2. Get all the tests done and out of the way so you can head south this winter.

  3. Good luck with all the tests. Sure hope you pass them with flying colors.

  4. Nice to get all those tests out of the way well before heading south. Hope everything comes back just fine.

  5. You are making good use of the health care system and having your health checks before heading south.