Tuesday, July 3, 2012

REDBOX hits Woodstock!

When we spend the winter in DHS, one of the things Judy and I love, is the Redbox. For readers who do not know what that is, it is a great self serve movie rental machine that charges only about $1.00 per movie! In DHS, they also have all the recent released movies at these machines. One of the best features, is that when you rent the DVD, you can return it the next day to any Redbox machine!

Judy was in Woodstock shopping with Kristina this morning, and low and behold, found that the Woodstock Walmart now has a redbox machine! Yipeeee! I know the hip way to watch your movies now is by downloading off the internet, however we are unable to do so with a 5 Gig limit, so this is a nice way to get to watch movies, without using your limit up on the internet, and do so at a very reasonable price! $1.75 to rent the movie tonight! Way to go Judy!

Still trying to shake this superbug cold I have, but had more energy today, so decided to try and do some maintenance on my motorcycle. I love riding the machine, and I love working on it, and try to do as much as I can myself! So far, so good.

First of all it needed a super duper cleaning, so worked on that. Next I noticed that I had a loose bolt up on the front end assembly. You do not want too many of these... so out came the tools, and I carefully went over the whole machine, ensuring everything was tight and adjusted properly. It was a nice warm day to be outside working, so I enjoyed every minute of it! After reviewing the maintenance portion of my owners manual, I decided it was time to drain, and replace the anti-freeze. Just like a car, this machine has a full radiator and cooling system. You will notice in the above picture the bike is about 2 feet in the air, I love the special jack that I have that makes doing all your own work a whole lot easier when it is up in the air!

The only problem I ran into this afternoon, was a major thunderstorm that rolled through our area! It rained hard for about 15 minutes or so with boom booms to match! Farmers will be happy again! It did put a halt to my maintenance work, and I ended up leaving it tonight, and will carry on tomorrow morning, when it is going to be sunny and warm again! The next week looks fantastic here for weather! Judy got her bike out and gave it a big cleaning today as well!

Till tomorrow...


  1. We love Red Box. Like you we have a 5g limit so no watching movies on the computer. We need rain but not the lightning because it just keeps starting more fires around here.

  2. Nice find about Redbox. We used it a lot in Desert Hot Springs as well. Sure can't beat the price.

    Guess what? The sun has apparently discovered Vancouver Island again. It's starting to shine here and by the weekend we should be up around 30C! It's about time.

    That's a nifty bike jack you've got there.

  3. I saw the red boxes all over FL but didnt' know anything about it..good to know info...nice bike...

  4. Whoever invented the Redbox was a genius. Sorry it put so many video stores out of business.

    Glad you are feeling much better.

  5. A buck seventy-five for a movie rental is a sweet deal. No wonder they're so popular.
    The movie rental places went by the wayside because they just were trying to rip you off at every turn.
    Don't be late five minutes with that movie!
    Sounds harsh but, not sorry to see the likes of Blockbuster go by the wayside.
    I like the jack. Makes it so much easier to have the proper "stuff".

  6. We have not used the Red box yet, but don't watch much tv anyway. Will come in handy thou when the need arrises.
    Had two major downpours today, one in Plattsville before we left and yesterday afternoon in Arkona after we got set up.
    Got lucky both times and did not get wet.

  7. We love Redbox and sure wish we had one nearby.

    I have the identical motorcycle lift and yes, it is a handy lift to make detailing and working on the bike so much easier.

    Now, I need to figure out a way to get Jeanette to do some of the detailing.