Monday, July 23, 2012

OK, I give in....

Last night we enjoyed a big old thunder storm, with lots of nice rain that we needed bad! Rained for about an hour, and it felt good.

Problem is, today, it is hotter than ever! Humidity is real just does not stop this year...

Kristina brought Gwenny out for a swim this morning, she loved it. They went camping on the weekend and Gwenny just loved it. She also has just put interest into placing one foot in front of the other, like you would if you were walking! Check out the short video I took with the iPad this morning:



It won't be long before Mom and Dad are having to run after her all the time!

Today, I just finished reading three books by Suzanne Colin's. They are a Series, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingbird. It is a great series of books, and the first book is already on the big screen. We watched it this spring down in Lake Havasu City, Az. We loved the movie.

I really enjoyed the books, very well written, great storey line and easy to read and follow.

Problem is, I think I would rather read the book before watching the movie! What do you prefer to do on this? I think I get more out of the movie if I have read the book in advance. I know what is going to happen, and sort of wait for it when watching.

Spent this afternoon doing some motorcycle maintenance while trying to stay cool.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Since we are now in a campground for at least two months and not running all over sightseeing, Paul and I both want to read the series.
    I find that usually the book is BETTER than the movie.

  2. The endless humidity and high heat may prompt you to head to the west coast.

    Gwenny will be walking really soon and, as you stated, mom and dad (grandparents too) will be busy chasing her. Do I hear exercise?

    I too much prefer to read a book before watching the movie.

  3. Way to go Gwenny, she'll be walking before this summer's over for sure.

    I'm a read the book first person and probably never see the movie!

  4. I'm with Rick, read the book because I usually fall asleep during movies, no matter how good they are.