Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good times in Mount Forest...

Last night we had a BLAST at the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival! It was hard to believe how many people showed up for the Fireworks display! The weather was just perfect, and people came out in the thousands!

However, before the fireworks, we had to enjoy the Mount Forest Kin Beef BBQ. What a dinner they put on for $15.00! Roast beef, baked potatoes, corn, salad, and desert! The picture below is part of the line up to get your dinner... we all enjoyed.

After dinner, we headed outside to enjoy others aspects of the festival... check out the brand new Mount Forest Sports Complex. What a great facility for this Community!

There was a Company that put on a great display with performing dogs... they did a number of stunts, including high jumping... frisbee catching, and agility work. It was great to watch. You can check out the very short video I included below, of the dog high jumping, along with a view of the crowd that showed up to watch the dogs do their thing...

Back a while ago, City TV had a show called "Canada has Talent", and the dog below was on that show... he was excellent, and it was obvious a lot of time had been spent with him on his training. Sorry, I can't remember his name. The trainer was telling the crowd that unfortunately, the dog has a small tumour on his brain, and is having to deal with that.
I am never good at taking pictures of fireworks, so I did not even try... I would rather watch and enjoy the show, and last night the show was one of the best firework displays Judy and I have seen in a long time... It was a great 20 minute display set to popular classic rock music. Well done Mount Forest!

Made it back home this afternoon, in intense heat again! Judy and I went down and enjoyed a swim trying to keep cool.

Till tomorrow...



  1. That looks like a wonderful day. I would have really enjoyed watching those dogs. Thanks for posting the video.

  2. Fireworks are very tricky. I even use the setting on my camera and sometimes they still don't turn out good.

    Looks like you two had a wonderful fun-filled day.

  3. I love watching dogs perform agility...I can never get fireworks to focus on my camera I know there is a setting but I can never find it....have a super sure had a great weekend..

  4. Another fun day in Ontario!

    The movie clip was neat to watch!

  5. Nothing quite like small town activities, especially in Ontario, Looks like and awesome day.

  6. What a great day with that BBQ, and fireworks, sure sounded like fun. Hope you get some relief from that heat soon.