Monday, July 2, 2012

A nice end to the long Weekend!

You could not as for any better weather than we had this past Canada Day Weekend! Today was simply another gorgeous day, lots of sunshine, nice 33 deg. C temperatures... what more could you ask for!

Seems Judy is coughing a bit, and sounds like I used to... not sure if that is good or not... I have never had a cold as bad as the one I now seem to just be getting over... must have been some kind of super bug that they hand out in Ottawa!

Took life easy in the RV this morning, catching up on a few blogs and enjoying coffee and nice sunshine! We headed into Woodstock to visit the gang, as Kristina had put in a request for a motorcycle ride today with her Dad! No Problem!

Soon after lunch, we found all the gear, and picked out a destination from the iPad... decided to take another ride out to Paris... one of Kristina's favorite spots to visit! Chris was busy working on stuff in the back yard, and Judy was recruited to be the Gwenny watcher as we went riding off into the sunset...


Paris is just one of those places you can just keep going back to. Always something new to see, and lots of shops to visit.
As it was the Canada Day Long Weekend, some of the shops were closed, but most were open. Different than Woodstock, where everything is nailed closed! Paris depends on the tourist.

We found these two guys keeping cool out back of the restaurants... didn't see them catch anything though...

So, what was Father and Daughter to do in Paris, yup, we found the ice cream store! Canada Day Sundae's for $3.00! They were pretty good!

Enjoyed the rest of the afternoon playing with Gwenny outside and inside, but for some strange reason, I don't seem to have a Gwenny pic tonight...shame!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Happy Canada Day to you and your family...perfect day for some father-daughter time!!!

  2. Never knew you could drive to Paris on a motorcycle!

    While looking at your ice cream sundae, I'm here in front of my computer drinking a hot chocolate!

    Hope Judy's feeling better and doesn't end up with a bad cold.

  3. Perfect weather for cruise in the country and Paris is a nice place to go and mot much traffic!

  4. Now....a nice ride with one's daughter is a pretty darned good thing to do on a not day.

    GRRR.....and we can't even think about riding here on the 'wet' coast, although the weather girl now says summer is to come within two days. Yeah for that!