Monday, July 16, 2012

Who wants to move to Ontario????

Another heat wave...again the temps were way up in the 30's and just plain hot and humid! Oh, by the way, I am back... sorry about no blog last night, just too busy!

Yesterday afternoon, we jumped in the Jeep, and headed over to the big Town of Richmond Hill! It was time to visit Tom and Cheryl. They had a big yard sale on Saturday, as they start to do the necessary down sizing, as they get ready to hit the road soon!

Judy spoted them with the camera above, as we were leaving this morning... yesterday when we arrived, Tom was helping out a neighbour with a broken fence, that we soon got fixed up. We sat outside in the back, and enjoyed a big rain storm that hit the area... we have not had much rain lately, so it was nice.

This morning we sat and enjoyed coffee and breakfast, while discussing all things RV... you know, the regular stuff... internet access, phones, RV Parks, where to go, what to do.... all the fun stuff!

We returned to Woodstock this afternoon, but it was so warm all we could do is just take it easy, so we did!

Till tomorrow...


  1. whats more fun than discussing RVs and travel with rv friends....'nothing' :)

  2. I saw the heat wave temps on the news tonight - wow!

    When you didn't post last night I just figured you were still recovering from Gwenny's wild first Birthday Party.

  3. Yep its hot, just nice to sit back relax and stay cool. Lovin Ontario weather this year, even more that ever.