Friday, July 6, 2012

Our relentless heat continues...

Records are being made all over Ontario today to new hight temperatures... it was over 35 deg. c. today downtown Toronto, and believe me, things would have ground to a halt in our economic Capital today!

Toronto is right on the shores of Lake Ontario, so there is a bit of an opportunity to cool down, if you don't have to work! This weekend is also the Toronto Indy Race, and the pavement was just about melting today for the practice runs!

I am pretty much over my cold, thankfully, however still having problems with my ear being blocked. Triend to go to the walk in clinic today, but they were closed, so will head into London tomorrow to visit our new Family Dr. and have him take a look at it!

This morning was real warm here, and after I got back from touring around Woodstock, Kristina and Gwenny came out to cool off a bit at the pool. First though, I was tired of seeing bird poop all over my Jeep, so got the hose out and cleaned it all up. Didn't know I was going to have a helper though...


Seems Gwenny thought it was just crazy that I would wash the Jeep with a hose and soap, she must have thought it was bath time... she wanted to help so bad!


She ended up getting soaked by the hose as I contininued to wash, but she just loved it! She will be a real terror in a couple months when she can walk on her own!

She had a real interest in making sure we dried all the water off the Jeep including shinning up the rims! She had them just sparkling! What a great helper...


Gwenny needed a bath last night, and it was too warm to do it inside, so Kristina gave here the outdoor variety. Gwenny loves her bath.

Judy picked Gwenny up a nice little Mermaid Towel with a hood thing going on it!

Not much else happened here today, simply as it was too hot... starting to sound like a broken record! Hope we can share this with some of you who need it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Too hot is still better than too cold (in my books anyway) glad you had a great day.

  2. Gwenny looks like a little mermaid in her towel. Too cute!

  3. Hey Grandpa, you missed a spot over here!!!

    Cute as a button - always!!

  4. You are cooking big time out east.

    We finally achieved great weather with perfect it should be on the west coast.

    Gwenny has the right idea. Can't beat water for cleaning and cooling off!