Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking for a Branch...

Perfect, is the only way you could refer to our weather today! Sunny and warm, no humidity!

Time for the motorcycles when the weather is like this... We decided to take a drive north, up to the Town of Clifford. Why there?

For the past while, Judy has been working on our Family Trees! As many of you would know, this can become a big task! She recently received a bunch of information on my side of the Tree, and as we sort of knew, many of my relatives lived in this area of the Province over the years. Judy has actually traced my roots back to my Great 5 Times Grand Father! (We only have the information, we did not do the work...) He was born in 1690!!!! Now that is a long time ago... he hailed from Germany.

My Dad's Sister, Kathleen Hollinger, lived up in Listowel, and did quite a bit of work on the Tree while she was alive. We found information that showed some relatives may be burried in the Clifford, Ont. Cemetery. We decided to take a drive and look for ourselves!

What a beautiful drive it is from Woodstock up to Clifford. You drive through the bread basket of Ontario. This appears to be a good year so far for the Farmers, as there has been enough rain to make things grow. They are all hard at work right now bringing in hay and straw...

Listowel is a great little South Western Ontario Town... with a very typical main Street. Judy and I actually bought our RV in Listowel at Larry Hudson Chevrolet Dealership.
We did not find the particular grave we were looking for, but we did find a couple other graves with the name of Hollinger on them... we now have something else to look up... isn't that how it works?

Above, Judy is working our Family Tree list, getting all the ducks in order... we got our exercise today, as we split the cemetery in half, and started walking!

After we left Clifford, we headed back towards Woodstock, and stopped in Palmerson, Ontario, to check out that one... no such luck there, as we came up empty! Oh well...

It was a great day for the drive and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Of course, once we got back home and I did a bit of looking with the iPad, I found the Clifford Cemetery online, and they list every person who is burried there, and even have a picture of the headstone! Guess we are just rookies at this stuff... however, it was a lot of fun.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I would think your way of researching today would be a lot more fun than researching on an iPod. Forget you found that online LOL!!

  2. Nice work of trying to complete your genealogy. My mother completed ours (maternal and paternal) and we managed to get the family tree dated back to 1646. Very cool indeed. Good luck with the research.

  3. I agree with Donna - so much more fun to do it in person than on line.

  4. I've done our genealogy to about as far back as I can remember - which isn't very far at all.

    Sounds like an interesting hobby though.

  5. My cousin did our family tree and was able to go back to the 1500s. I have never done this but I am sure it takes a ton of time and patience!
    Glad your farmers are doing well. Ours in the USA are suffering pretty badly from the lack of rain. Especially the corn farmers.