Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are off to see the......Dr.

Seems like we have spent an awful amount of time at the Dr.'s Office lately, and that may be right! However, it all has to be done. Gwenny just recently turned 1, and it was time for her to see the Family Dr. and get some shots! (Oh-oh...) Judy and I had appointments to meet Dr. Aswald in London, who is a Cardiologist.

No, that is not Dr. Aswald above, nor is that me with all the wires on, however that is exactly how we looked today as I completed a stress test in his office. He is a very thorough Dr. (which is good, I think) and watched me like a hawk as I completed the test, right to the point of running on the treadmill!

He declared that I was fit as a fiddle after the test. He was very happy with everything that I was doing, including the meds I take, and said change nothing, especially going to DHS for the winter! What a Dr.!

He also gave Judy the once over today as well. He had our results from our Cardiograms we had completed last week. Judy is also in great shape, and ready to start climbing mountains again down in California! Allright!

Gwenny made it in to see the Family Doctor, and she passed with flying colours as well!

Hopefully she will not look back on this blog post when she turns 18, as she will be chasing me around the block! Her development is excellent, in the top 10% of all the growth catagories, and even read the bottom line of that eye chart for the Dr. What a kid!

Gwenny also got 2 needles today, and even though she had a little band-aid stuck on her leg, reports are she did not even cry when the Nurse gave her the shots! Atta go Gwenny!


On the way home, we stopped at David and Dianne's place, and gave Gwenny a big treat for being so good at the Dr.'s Office... a nice swim! (I know, she looks pretty serious above...)

I decided not to go for a dip, but did just sit back and take it all in. They have a great pool complex.


Gwenny has her own float at the house, and was just about ready for her nap when we finished up.


While Gwenny was taking a break this afternoon, I headed into London myself to do some shopping. I wanted to check out a meat store, but it was closed anyways. So, instead I ended up in Forrest City Surplus, which is a great store where I spent 45 minutes looking around and getting ideas for future stuff! I did pick up a set of "wireless headphones" that you see above. They are made by Jansen, and work very good, and are nice and light! The cost: $5.95 !!!! I could not pass this one up! What a great store! Will be back...

Till tomorrow...



  1. You all must be living the good life to be so healthy. Great report!

  2. Congrats on the good dr reports . And great to hear that missy gwenny is in top shape just like her gram and gramps...

  3. Great news about everyone on your Doctor visits and reports. Sure glad you got the go-ahead for DHS - we have some mountains to climb!

    If Gwenny spends as much time in the water growing up she just might be on Canada's Olympic swimming team when she's 18.

  4. Way to go!!! Love those good reports from the doc. You and Rick definitely have some mountains to climb and you know he can't go alone.

  5. Always nice to hear a good report. Oh yeah, Gwenny is going to hate that photo when she becomes a teenager, but it sure was cute today!!

  6. Great reports from the Doc, keep up whatever it is that you are doing.

  7. Good report! Do you "fly" when you are in Canada? Gwinny sure is a cutie!