Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mailman's Lunch!

When you are full timing in your RV, you run into a different bunch of challenges, that you may not normally run into if you live in your sticks and bricks. One of the challenges, is what are you going to do with your mail anyways! Canada Post is not famous for delivering to the door of the RV!

Our Daughter, Kristina, took on the role of being our "Mail Person" back a while ago. I might add, she has been a good one! All winter long, she is opening, sorting, scanning, and emailing stuff to Judy and I while we are on the road. You might think it would be not much to it, but you know what, it all adds up for sure!

When Judy and I arrived back this spring, we told our Mail Person, that we would treat Her to a meal out for her assistance over the winter. Today, the call was made!


Kristina decided to bring along her two Postal Assistants with her, Gwenny, and Chris! They wanted to go to Dean Michael's Restaurant, which is a well know local Restaurant, that does very well! I had the eggs benedic, and they were terrific! Thank you Mail Person Kristina!

This afternoon was spent taking life easy, with RV cleaning, and some laundry in the works. It was nice to have it a wee bit cooler here today, away from our constant oven!

Hope everyone has a good week coming up, the weather here looks wonderful!

Till tomorrow...



  1. WOW...never heard of a Mail Person getting taken out for their services. She is one lucky gal...and so are you two.

  2. and such a pretty 'mailman' she is!!

  3. What great mail people! I imagine the little one is the best.

  4. I bet Gwenny knows just what to do with the junk mail. Cute picture.

  5. A very well deserved reward for sure. So, what did Gwenny have for breakfast? Maybe eggs over easy, hashbrowns and toast?

  6. Our "mail person" gets to live for free in our house while we're gone. Not sure the meal as a payment will be necessary.
    On the first go around when we were in Puerto Rico, we did the whole scanning thing, but it was a huge pain. I somehow thought I needed to be paying the bills from there.
    This time around though, we just gave the "mail person" signing authority and access to the account. We can monitor things from here, so there's certainly no mucking about, not that there would be.
    Much easier.
    Now, the pile o' cr*p that we get from the "investment Dude"? Oy, that's another story. EVERYBODY has to send you every little snippet of info. Gah!

  7. We treat our "mail person" as well. But no scanning . We pay everything on line. Just check in case something important comes in the mail (never does). Fill up a box that we sort in the spring.
    Cooler now for a few days.

  8. That was a pretty darned good reason to have a family meal out. It appears that you and Judy have a really nice trio of mail handlers.