Saturday, July 14, 2012

Party Hardy...

What a perfect day we had for the big Party... Gwenny's 1st. birthday bash! It was crazy!

David and Diane hosted the big birthday bash out at their rural property, which happens to have a real nice indoor pool, so it turned into a pool party!

Diane is holding Gwenny above with her party favours...

I WARNED Gwenny about having too much of the punch, but there was no holding her back! You just go crazy it seems when you turn 1.


Seemed to miss the pictures of Chris doing an excellent job on the BBQ, cooking up chicken on a bun and hot dogs for us all! Excellent food enjoyed by all!
Kristina did an excellent job of making Gwenny's cake! Strawberry Shortcake was the theme, and she made cupcakes to go with the cake! They were a BIG hit!

After having WAY too much punch... Gwenny just started grabbing into the cake! She loved it!

After all that cake, Gwenny wanted to open up all her gifts she received today... there were a bunch of them! She also had lots of little helpers to help pull the wrapping paper off the gifts...

She was right into this doll and carriage she received...

She received a nice wagon, however we would not let her drive after all that punch she had, so we strapped her in and pulled her around the yard! This was a big hit!

Daddy power!

After we got through all the presents, the pool felt pretty good, it got a lot of use this afternoon.

Great party. Furthest people to come, Ramona's Sister, and Partner, and son, all the way from Paris, France! Arrived yesterday! Love Canada!

What will the second birthday party be like????

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice birthday party! The little queen looked right at home in the wagon, being pulled by all. Hmmm, I wonder if she'll remember this fine day?

  2. Since Gwenny loves to swim, a pool party is perfect for her.
    I can't believe she stayed awake for that entire party. You have a real PARTY GIRL on your hands...hehe

  3. what a lovely birthday party for Gwenny!..on to number two!!

  4. Happy Birthday Gwenny, all the best to you on your special day!
    CHEER'S ( with Punch)

  5. Wow! That's a party to remember - made for a little princess!!

    Great looking cake and I was glad to see Gwenny digging into it.

    Just wait until Christmas - Gwenny's right into this gift thing now!

  6. Wow what a party animal. Nice looking cakes and gifts, and the pool is always a lifesaver in this hot weather.
    Great that Daddy volunteered to be the designated driver.

  7. happy first birthday to little Gwenny...what a cutie and sure looks like she played the role of little queen for her party...