Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Too Many Creeks, not enough Sally!

Last week, we made arrangements to do a bit of golfing! Chris, and his Brother, Kevin, thought that they could take on myself and their Dad, David! What a perfect day for golf! Nice warm temperatures, no wind, lots of sun! David, and Dianne are having a new home built on the golf course, so this was another reason David wanted to get out and play it! The course is know as "Sally Creek", and we soon figured out there was no shortage of ponds and creeks! We ended up going through a big supply of golf balls, as none of us had actually played this course before, but we had a blast doing it! It is one of those course, if you hit the fairway with your drive you are fine, however miss the fairway, and you have a lost ball!
Chris was just itching to get out and try a brand new oversized driver he recently received... so this was a good excuse... it looks very similiar to the one below... and no, that is not the actual golf course above - too many clouds! I didn't get a chace to take any pics on the course... having too much fun playing! We won't get into the scores...
After golf, we all headed over to Kristina's and Chris', to enjoy refreshments and a BBQ... what a lovely evening it was for that! Perfect! After dinner, we were celebrating Ramona, who just received her OHIP Card today in the mail! She recently moved here from Germany, after marrying Kevin, who is seated beside her below! Can you tell Ramona is excited! You have to wait 90 days to received your Card, after you received you imigration papers, so it is a bit of a wait! Oh... an OHIP Card entitles you to full use of our Ontario Health Care System... at no charge, for our American Readers! Congratulations Ramona!

Now, check this out below... have you ever broken something, only to find that you cannot fix it, and you just end up throwing it away, and getting another one! Recently, my reversable electric drill stopped working... seemed there was a problem with the wire that feeds the power inside to the motor... it was cutting in and out!


This morning, I was able to take the drill apart, and fix the problem with the electrical cord, and also re-align the brushes on the electric motor that runs the drill... put the drill back together, and presto it worked! I was pleased, as one of these drills is worth around $100.00 or so...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Hmmm.... you put that drill back together without using any of your glue stock?

    Sounds to me like I'd hate that golf course what with my water seeking golf swing.

    Glad you guys had a great time. And, here's hoping Ramona never has to use that OHIP card for anything other than normal checkups!

  2. Gracious...look at that sky in the first picture. Not sure I would be out there with that sky.
    Please pass on our CONGRATULATIONS to Ramona.

  3. Yours was a great day for golf. I just returned home following our regular Wednesday afternoon men's golf.

    Nice work with the repair on the drill. You did save yourself $100 bucks.

  4. I always attempt to repair things before disposing, some time its no possible thou. It is nice to be handy, and saves a lot of money.