Monday, July 30, 2012

I was in London today... but no Olympics!!!

Ohhh... guess I didn't mention that I was in London, Ontario, did I??? Sorry... Had to take an unexpected trip into London today with Kristina, who thankfully is feeling better, but was in line for a trip to the Dr. Office, just to check things out... Too bad the Olympics are in London, England, as I would have gone!

Sure turned out to be a beautiful day here again... lots of sun and 29 deg. C. today!

While we were in London, Kristina took the opportunity to visit Baby's R Us, and do a bit of Gwenny shopping. She picked up a few things that were a big hit with Gwenny...


These little toys she is holding on tight to, are called "Weeble Wobbles"... she now has a small army of these things, and simply loves them... you can shake them and a roller ball inside them makes a nice noise. These ones were special, as they can float in water.

These nice warm days, Gwenny is real quick to give you the hint about going for a swim! She grabs her gear, and starts to head for the pool! She took her new Weeble Wobbles with her, and had a blast!

Not much else on the go here today... just taking life easy, the way it should be!

Till tomorrow...


  1. We had a toy like that for Todd when he was little - it looked like a clown. And I heard on the news there are lots of empty seats at the other London so you could always find a place to sit if you head over that way.

  2. I think Gwenny has grandma wrapped around her little finger.

  3. Weeble Wobbles? That's a new one for me. Glad to hear Gwenny likes them.

    Our weather has settled in here to our nice normal mid-70's.

  4. Nice hot day here also...gwenny sure is growing..such a cutie pie

  5. do your weebles wobble?..Gwenny is a cutie!!!

  6. I prefer your London to the one presently holding the Olympics.

    Weeble Wobbles? Man do I have things to learn with now having a 4 month grandson!