Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Hot 4th of July!


Happy July 4th to all our American Friends! I hope you are all enjoying the kind of weather we are. I note it is 34 deg. C. Today in DHS, with 39 deg. On Saturday!

A couple of years ago we were visiting Tennessee, and we could not get over how many, and how long they shot off the fireworks! It kinda felt like a war zone!

This morning I finished off the work on my Honda, and took it for a ride to ensure it was running right. It was too hot to do much, our humid ex was 44 today...crazy!

I went in to install a new baby gate for Kristina and Gwenny this afternoon...super hot doing that, even in the A/C.

Hope everyone can stay cool tonight!

After dinner, we headed over to the pool for a great cool down!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gotta love having the pools there, enjoy and keep cool.

  2. Very hot here in South Dakota also. Pool sounds wonderful. Hope you enjoy the swim.

  3. Most fireworks are banned here in Montana but they're going to do the two big shows with lots of firemen on hand.

  4. That's a bit too hot for me. It would be pretty tough to get motivated to do anything. The pool sounds like a good idea though.

    It's warming up here finally and more to come!

  5. Yep, it's sorta like a super soaker cooker we got going on here in Southwestern Ontario alright.

  6. The baby gates are working perfectly - Gwenny is contained! Hooray - this morning I can drink a coffee without having to jump up and chase her back into the room 15 million times - thank you!!!

  7. thats a wee bit too warm for me thankfully you have a pool to cool of in...glad you made things safer for Gwenny :)

  8. With such a high humidex, I can understand the need for a nearby pool. We're finally heating up here. Temperatures are near perfect....22-25 degrees.