Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Do the walls come down when you think of me..."

I was singing the song "Do the walls come down", by Carly Simon, as I drove down the main street of Woodstock today. I was also thinking of a nice Swiss Chalet Quarter Chicken Dinner, as the wall came tumbling down today....

Last fall, we enjoyed a terrific Family Dinner inside this Swiss Chalet... always one of our favorite spots to eat! For some reason, the Company felt it was time to go "New", and they built a new Swiss Chalet and Harvey's Restaurant out by the Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire Store... Progress I guess! The building on main street, had been there for a while, and I guess was maybe a bit tired, but certainly still in not too bad a shape. However, the big scoop made short work of the entire building today real quick! It is a very prime lot on Dundas Street, and I am sure there is something in the works that I do not now about... time will tell. What you see below, is the machine at the very back of the building, digging towards the front, I am viewing from the side.
I love watching destruction... sat there for about 15 minutes watching... you can do that when your retired!

Early this morning Judy and I headed out to the Standard Tube Trail to get some exercise recorded in our books! It was a beautiful day here, with no humidity! As we started out walking along the Thames River, I noticed some changes to the River... not sure why, or who, but they tried to divert the low flow of water coming down the river to the far side... strange...


I had a couple more pictures to post tonight from out walk, but Blogsy is giving me some error messages, and won't let me load them up at the moment... probably needs a rest. The pics were of some very dry conditions we are now experiencing here in Woodstock. Back in June I blogged about how good a summer it was for the crops here, as we had lots of rain. What a difference a month makes... July had very little rain, and real hot temperatures... all the blackberry bushes are dying off with the berries on the vine! Local corn is stressed as well now, however we are calling for big rain tonight maybe... here is hoping!

Till tomorrow...


  1. This heat is really harming the crops this year. Not looking good especially for corn. It's been interesting wandering around here in Kalispell where we used to live to see all the changes - some good, some I'm not sure about.

  2. I like watching those big bulldozers, cranes and especially wrecking balls taking down old buildings. Maybe it goes back to smashing down Tinker Toys and Lego's as a kid?

    Hope you get the bugs out of Blogsy!

  3. Paul enjoys destruction also. I think it is a man thing.

  4. I like big toys too. Knocking stuff down is fun to watch.

  5. Moving the Swiss Chalet to a better location should increase their business. Todays buildings are disposable like most everything else. Cheaper to tear down and build new than to renovate.

  6. It is interesting to watch things being taken down when planned and they go as they are supposed. We lost a dear friend this year though who was doing a demolision job so there is also some sadness to it now

  7. We have had many great Swiss Chalet meals in that old Swiss Chalet in Woodstock a few years ago. My Uncle Harry lived in Woodstock & it was his & our favorite place to eat. We had my Aunt Jean's 80th birthday there about 5 years ago. Kinda sad to see all our old memories being torn down.