Friday, July 27, 2012

Phew... the heat is on...


Yes, the heat is back on... it just never seams to end this year... gotta love it I guess...

This morning Judy and I headed into the Millenium Trail System and put in 40 minutes of hard walking, to get our heart rates going! Gotta listen to those Dr's you know!

We dropped by to see how little Gwenny was doing, as she has not been 100% for the past couple days now. Glad to say she was doing much better... maybe 90% today.

Kristina and Chris found a great picnic table and umbrella for her, to enjoy with her sand box... she still has a bit of a rash, but her temperature was back to normal. Judy and I watched Gwenny while Kristina went out to do some shopping, and earning a well deserved break for a couple hours.

Chris has a great hoby, and that is gardening...

Check out the sunflower he has growing in his garden... amazing, the bees were just a buzing it today.
Above are some nice red peppers he has growing, although a lot of them are still green. He also loves to pickel stuff, so all these peppers will be used.


This weekend, Chris wants to do a bunch of yardwork around his house, so he needed our Jeep to pull the trailer around, and bring in fire wood, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We decided to swap vehicles for the weekend, and we got to use their Zoom Zoom.... When I got it out to the RV, it was a bit dirty from being in Port Burwell camping last weekend, so I gave it the deluxe wash and vacuum job. Don't tell Chris and Kristina... it is a surprise... oh, wait a minute, I think they read the blog... darn... contrary to other bloggers, our Kids actually read the blog... go figure!

Gotta go Olympic Watching tonight...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad to hear Gwenny is getting better.

    That's some sunflower alright. I'll bet those pickled peppers are pretty tasty too.

  2. Still loving the hot weather thou.
    Nice that Gwenny is starting fo feel better now. You can borrow our car for a few days if you like too!

  3. Read the blog this morning and went, "Woo hoo!" You can borrow the Zoom Zoom any time!!! :) So Shiny!

  4. That's a huge sunflower! And look at all those peppers! I have two red bell peppers growing at once right now and I feel proud. Now THAT is impressive!