Saturday, July 21, 2012

Road Trip - Mount Forest!

Could not get the blog put together last night...too busy again! Judy and I took off yesterday on our motorcycles, and headed up to Mount Forest to visit good friends Jim and Ruth. We lived here in Mount Forest 30 years ago! Kristina was born here. Jim and Ruth wanted us to come up for the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival, including the Kinsmen Beef BBQ. I was a member of the Kinsmen Club 30 years ago.

Last night we enjoyed sitting out in nice temperatures...

Meet Harbour, Jim and Ruth's 5year old black lab... He loves his pool.

Part of the weekend is a Show and Shine on the Main Street for Classic Cars and Motorcycles...lots of people out for this today.
I loved this 66 Mustang Convertable below...

Cars and people everywhere...

Even some nice Corvettes showed up today...
I sure love the old Mustangs...(I had a 66, and I miss it, can you tell?)

All kinds of crazy stuff going on...

It was a good time, meeting people along the way.
Of course I had to check out the Motorcycles...

They had an excellent turn out of bikes.

It was hard work so we had to stop in that big white tent above to be refreshed! An excellent group provided live entertainment in the big top.

Tonight we are heading over for the beef BBQ and fireworks, so should be a good evening.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I'm with you on the likeability of attending motorcycle and car show and shines.

    The '66b Mustang would look good being towed behind your RV. Can you give up the jeep for that?

  2. Great car show.
    Looks like you had a great time with friends. I see the wine made the party.

  3. Harbour has the right idea..if all else fails just lay in the pool!

  4. That sure was some crowd at the car show. Great looking cars, especially the Mustangs.

  5. Just love the small town show and shine, so much fun just to wander about.

  6. I could wander around and look at old cars for a long, long time. Thanks for the pictures.
    Curiously enough, my wife used to head up to Mount Forest a couple times a week back in the early 90s. There used to be a Westinghouse plant there at one time. Seems to me she was training a new accounting person or something. 'Twas a long time ago.