Saturday, July 7, 2012

House warming, on a hot day!


OK, ready for the broken record... it was hot here again today... over 35 deg. C. again! They are telling us that it is going to come to an end on Monday, if you call dropping down to 29 deg. getting cool! This moring, I drove into London, Ont. to visit the Dr. about my ear... still having problems with it feeling like it is plugged! Doc took and look, and told me, believe it not, it is getting better! Just needs more time he says, maybe up to 3 or 4 weeks! At least it is getting better!
This afternoon we were invited to a house warming! Not too hard to do on a day like today! Chris' Brother, Kevin and his Wife, Ramona, recently bought a nice home in London. London is a great spot to live, and has a population of over 350,000 people now.

They bought this brick bungalow, close to downtown London, on a nice quiet residential St. with local traffic only.

They invited frineds and family, and neighbours to come over this afternoon, and of course Miss Gwenny was included!

It was a great afternoon to sit out and enjoy the weather. Ramona and Kevin are on the right hand side of the picture below... I was asking them which one was going to care for all the big gardens on the property! There are lots of them, you see some in the background below...
We enjoyed for a couple of hours, and then headed back to Woodstock to take life easy!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yikes! 35 degrees - with humidity - is awful. A little cooling could be welcomed. Good thing for AC and a pool near the RV.

  2. Guess you just have to be patient with that ear.

    Love the flower gardens. I would take care of them if I could!

  3. Looks like Gwenny had a real fan club sitting on the grass.

    Heck, I could have told you that about your ear! Mind you, just wait 3 or 4 weeks is what I say about any medical ailment.

    Nice looking home and property.

  4. Yup, that's HOT. Gwenny looks like she is dressed for the weather. Maybe someone should turn on the sprinkler so you could all run through it!!

  5. Our morning temps here were hot but by mid afternoon had cooled down to about 22c with a nice breeze, so off with the AC and open the windows again.
    House warming parties are always a nice get together.