Thursday, July 26, 2012

You can watch our crops grow now...

Last night the rain came down pretty heavy in the middle of the night, along with some hail! It was very warm, and really unusual to hear hail hit the RV's roof. It was not hard to tell it was hail...

You could almost watch all the crops in this area start growing again with a real good rain we received, and to boot, it has been raining a good part of this afternoon as well! Lots of corn in our area!

Not a lot going on today... we were planning on a trip up to Orillia to visit my Mother, however we cancelled it as Gwenny is just not feeling 100% and she wanted to come, so we will reschedule that trip.

I did drive into Woodstock on the motorcycle for a little trip this afternoon, and was down by the old Swiss Chalet, so thought I would check in with the destruction... here is a short video I took on the smart phone... only about 10 seconds, but give you a big idea of what a machine can do!


Tomorrow is certainly a big day, with the opening of the Olympics in London!

Being a big sports fan, I plan on watching as much as I can, and will be cheering on our Canadian Atheletes. Also the Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, with over 1 Billion People scheduled to watch! Wish I could collect $1.00 from everybody!!!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I love the Olympics. I can't image how much work goes into hostessing the event. I also can't image what the athletics go through to prepare for their event.
    Good luck to the Canadians and the good-old USA.

  2. That video was short but good.

    I'll have to check and see what time the Olympics are on TV out here - I have no idea right now.

    Hope Gwenny's feeling better soon.

  3. Yes right here at the farm can almost here the crops growing!