Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Records fell today somewhere...

Record setting temperatures hit us again today... we keep climbing the ladder here, it is getting crazy! We remain under an extreme heat alert here. 36.4 deg. today, breaking the old 32 deg. record...

Needless to say not a lot was done today...in the physical department that is. This morning, Judy and I had to go to London and meet up with our Family Dr. All the news was good today! Blood test done a month ago are all good! Even better, we talked about my thyroid gland!

That is that funny thing located in your throat... I had another scan done last month and all the results showed no changes, and all was good! I do have a spot on my thyroid that is in question, but it appears just to be sitting there minding it's own business. I will go for another scan in a month or so, to keep the Docs all happy and feeling good!

Back to London again on Thursday, for more cardiac testing as we meet our new Cardio Specialist. Gotta do all this stuff while we are here in Ontario! Winter is coming soon!

This afternoon was so hot, the only thing was to go swimming! We invited Gwenny out for a swim, so she brought her Mom and Dad with her...

Gwenny had to take a noodle call from Judy while we were all swimming... they talked for a long time back and forth!

The kids stayed to enjoy a nice Italian dinner tonight, but it was way too hot to think about eating outside, so we enjoyed the A/C inside the RV, even if seating was a bit tight!

Hope everyone is staying cool out there!

Till tomorrow...


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  2. Typing on an iPad tonight congrats on the good news from the doctors!! Gwenny is a cutie!!!! At least with this comment post the spelling is correct

  3. Great news about your thyroid.

    If you ever need an extra person for diner, I am available.

  4. nice and cozy inside with the airconditioner running!!..great news about your thyroid!

  5. Good news from the doc, gotta like it. Get the rest of the tests done and soon we all ben on the road again. Love this weather when all we have to do during the day is stay cool.