Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ultimate Heat Overload...

Yikes, we hit the top today... our humidex was 44 deg. c. It was crazy out there... You sweat by sitting down to take it easy.

You just walked down the street, and everything arround you was in a state of spontanious combustion!


Take this ball in the picture above... the pool started to boil, and the ball just jumped out... crazy!


They only way to survive the day, was to jump in a swimming pool... enough already!

It was so warm today, you had to take it easy... I needed some airplane parts, so this morning, we headed into London on the bikes, and picked them up. This afternoon, I got into the big job of sorting all my airplane stuff from last winter... that took over an hour... Had a few repairs to do, and now we are all set to fly again. The flying is not near as good here as it is in DHS.

Too hot to blog tonight...

Till tomorrow...


  1. I would worry about the glue (do you use glue on an airplane?) melting in that heat. Are we having fun yet?

  2. Love the ball shooting out of the water. Very clever indeed!

  3. try and stay cool!!!..the weather in the midwest and back east made our local news!

  4. Gwenny looked pretty surprised by that ball shooting out of the water right in front of her!

    I hope Westjet mechanics don't put their airplanes back together the way you are doing John. No offense, o.k.

  5. This is what summer is about , looking for creative ways to keep cool, love it.

  6. You beat us out with the temps only low to mid 80's here in Corona this week. Looks like you have a good parts inventory for the plane to handle those emergency repairs. Have a great Friday.

  7. You are facing (and have been for a while) some incredible heat. Hoping you can 'keep your cool'...and the pool is really handy for that!